Budapest Hostels

Hotel Flandria
The Hostel Flandria in Budapest is situated more to the north of the central part of the city although thanks to the public transport this is not a real issue for those individuals that are likely to want to book a room at this rather simple hostel.

Fortuna Boat Hotel
As you would expect, the rooms are not too spacious but then you are on a boat so that has to be taken into consideration. Also, you are only looking at double or twin rooms so there are no dorms to be found although that is clearly due to a space issue that has to be dealt with.

Zrinyi Guesthouse
The Zrinyi Hostel is also pet friendly so this has to be a major bonus especially considering the number of places that will just not entertain pets at any point. Furthermore, you will have free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel and not just in the communal areas in the building.

Pesto Hostel
Furthermore, the Pesto Hostel is very safe and secure and there is no curfew whereby you end up being locked up at night because it is more a case of you having the freedom to do as you wish.

A+A Hostel
Overall, the A+A Hostel in Budapest is fresh, clean, safe, and comfortable which is all that you can really want from accommodation that costs this particular price. Its location is perfect, the atmosphere is wonderful, and you are provided with everything that you are going to need during your stay in the city.